How is unmanned aircraft delivery affecting us?

When the year is coming to an end and everyone is busy checking out their holiday shopping list, Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s boss and founder, dropped a bomb that cause every chat room on the planet to explode.

Just days ago, Jeff Bezos revealed that work has already started at Amazon to introduce human-less drone delivery planes. As of now, there is yet any concrete sign of when this would eventually become a reality but, it seems that clearing the regulatory pathway is more daunting than clearing the technological hurdles.

Already images of unmanned aircraft bearing Amazon’s logo are sprouting up all over the Internet. Some gets really creative by jumping ahead of the pack and predict what the rules would be like when this insane idea come into reality.

Nonetheless thousands of questions remain and definitely, we have no definite answer to those questions, at least before we get to see the real thing in action. Just thinking out loud, there are a number of basic questions that Bezos (maybe) have the answer. Even with no serious thinking, I am able to come up with sets of questions that I’m sure most people would be interested in their answers too.

Since these planes will require no human operator, where will all the delivery men go? Do they still have a job then? Will it cause more people to be unemployed?So the issue is, when taken as a whole, is this going to be good for the economy as a whole or is this going to be better for Amazon (as they get to improve their margin with the lower cost)?

What would the delivery cost be? Will the $35 minimum qualifying order still remain? Or will it be lower or higher?

We can obviously go on and on but for now, I’d prefer to keep all fingers crossed. Given what Amazon has become in the past few years, I’d trust that they have what it takes and assume that they’ll be capable of pulling all the parts and make this into a reality in five years time.

amazon aircraft


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